2012-01-04 The hills of St. Hellier - Albinas bees.

Up in the rolling hills of St. Hellier, Albinas bees had been building a small empire.
These are the bees that came from Katrinas' compost bin, 
Jazmina had taken them up there a little while earlier...

That looks like a big rooster sitting outside the window.
Poor lonely thing has no harem since the fox visited.
 The setup.
A fairly shady spot, but well prepared.
That's the single box that arrived a couple of weeks ago, and the second box we were going to put on.
I'm hoping that Albina will look after these herself, I feel like my hands are full, just with all the bees we have in and around Melbourne. We'll  see.
 Lots of bees
 Plenty of brood for a young hive. All healthy looking.
Workers keeping the front door busy.
 After the second box was put on. A proud beekeeper.

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