2010-11-22 Apiary is not all fun and games

I went out into the back yard the other day to check the bees,
they had been hanging out all over the front porch.

Warm day, barefoot through the grass.....ouch, stung.

Not as bad as when Adrians head swelled up, or the time I had to rush him to hospital,
but this beekeeping gig does have its less pleasant moments....

The first thing they tell you is: You will get stung.

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  1. Ouch. Last bee that I put my palm on swelled the whole arm up to my shoulder. We've had many, many bees on the flowering gums up bush recently. Even.had to recently evade a swarm on the lookout for a new home...scary for me. Also found 2 wild hives in the bush. One was a very angry as it's host tree had just been knocked over by a falling (and sadly ancient) blue gum.