2011-01-15 PAYDAY !!!

 So, after over a year of work, stings, expense, .....
it was payday.
Metropolis was full up, two boxes worth,  and the landlord wants his slice.

 Jazmina helped me this time.
 That's one of the frames out of the top box, chock full.
 Brushing the bees off.
We then had to hustle them into a bee-proof tub, to take to the spinning shed.

 Uncapping in the shed.
That's a steam powered knife, but we kept it hot by dipping in hot water then wiping it dry.
It got pretty warm in there, we had to keep the doors shut to keep bees out.
 uncapped vs. capped.
 Spinning. About 4 minutes per side seemed to do it, two at a time.
 Every 6 frames or so, we emptied the spinner.
 A two-stage sieve....
 ... dripping into the bucket..
 A sample for the D.P.I, so they can tell me if I have any diseases in there.

About 16 litres all up.
The flavour of every flower within a mile of our house in Northcote.

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  1. I have peeded on some of those plants. Thats means your honey includes strained Guiness/Erdinger/Leffe. Better watch how much you have before you drive!