2011-01-08 Baghdad - population explosion!

These Baghdadites had been left to their own devices for 6 weeks or so,
last time we looked they had only been hived for 2 weeks,
and at that stage they were filling up 3 of the frames, the rest untouched.

 Quite a lot of bees hanging out the front,
a lot of traffic, what had they been up to?
 No bees on the sunflowers.

 That's Edis, the landlord, coming for his rent.

We don't have a hive mat in this one,
and they had built a lot of burr comb full of nectar under the lid.

 The whole box is very full, time to add a queen excluder and another box on top,
so they can start paying proper rent, not just left-over nectar.
Lots of brood, grubs, eggs, and lots of honey.
No sign of disease, whew.
They say that you can get diseased bees from wild swarms.
Not sure, all ours are from wild swarms, and no sign of anything bad yet.

We saw the queen briefly, but lost track of her when I tried to get a photo.

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