2012 10 28 Baghdad - lazy spring

I pushed my bike over to dad's to check on the girls down Alphington way. beautiful sunny Sunday afternoon. A few weeks since I'd checked, and last time they were doing OK, healthy, lots of half-filled frames. I thought if there was only one super on top instead of 2, I'd have harvested by now, but having the second box on cuts me a bit of slack with regard over-crowding (being a trigger for swarming). Lets me be a bit more lazy with my checks too. Turns out it was pretty much the same as last time.

I only had my phone camera, so no shots of the process, just before and after (other than the shot of the bees on Edis' back.)

 This is where I grabbed my phone.... that's a lot of bees, round the back of dads head and upper back. 
Dad didn't know they were there. Its amazing how still they are sometimes, all hell broke loose when I shook them off him, absolutely beserk.

I had made a point of scraping out a few big spoonfuls of the fresh stuff, which is very tasty when fresh and still warm.
Edis below, enjoying a minor harvest.
The way he goes through honey, it'd last the afternoon.

In summary:
- plenty of honey, but unconsolidated, so barely unharvestable.
- healthy number of bees, lots of brood, lots of grubs
- didn't see the queen, but lots of eggs etc.
- One supersedure cell, with a grub in it. Mashed it.
-  No sign of any pests, mould, disease, anything.
- This is the healthiest and strongest hive we have.
- A bit Cranky, they were taking pot shots at dad for the next day or so, while he watered the garden.

2 stings for me, both right forearm, through the suit. 1 for Edis, through his cords.

Sting Tally:This season: 3 so far (Jonas 2, Edis 1)
2011/2012 season: 41 (Jonas 30 Adrian 1 Edis 6 Jazmina 3 Rima 1)

2010 / 2011 season: Heaps
Honey Tally:This season: nil so far
2011/2012 season: 49 Litres
2010 / 2011 season: 34  Litres
That's about 1 sting per Litre.

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