2011-11-25 travellin' bees

Up in Castlemaine on the weekend , spotted this truck parked on the side of the road early in the morning, that's 72 4-decker hives heading somewhere new, maybe they're off to some flowering yellow-box forest, maybe they are just back from a stint pollinating some almonds or something? These guys take their bees to where the action is, rather than letting them sit idle, eating all their honey. You can see a loading system of some kind, and there's a trolley and a brushcutter on top. I'm guessing they have one box of brood and room for 3 supers of honey?Is there a queen excluder?  not sure, but there's a lot of room in there for lots of honey. You can tell these guys dont muck around checking all through them every few weeeks, that would be a massive job.If they were just for pollinating, would you need 4 boxes? Can't see the entrances, they must be facing in. They must load these up at night when the bees are all tucked in bed, go for a kip on the side of the highway, then drop them off wherever they are going? More questions than answers...

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