2010-10-24 The dairy Hive is dead.

We found that the "Dairy hive" didn't survive the winter. We guess they starved, as there was no honey in the box at all. The bees were still there, but were dried up, despite still looking a bit scary. There was some mould in the box, and three of the frames were still pretty much untouched. Lots of brood that had died. All the bees clustered in the middle, some of them with their little heads in the comb. Shame, it took us most of a day to extract it from the brick wall, massive attrition through the vacuum extraction process, and we thought we had fed them enough. These photos are when we cleaned it out, it had been dead for a while. Repainted the box, new foundation, off we go again. This box is now called 'Baghdad', in Edis' back yard, with the new swarm from the Bee Wrangler.

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