2010-09-14 Stasys Bitininkas. Lithuanian beekeeper.

One of Stasys' mobile apiaries.
Multiple hives in each shed.
Different colour so the bees don't get lost.

The inside of one of the sheds.
It was two weeks into Autumn, he had taken the honey,
and was feeding them so that they'd make it through a Lithuanian winter.
In summer, he'd stack more boxes of frames on each.
Here, they are covered in hessian and blankets, to keep them warm.

... surrounded by apple treess.
Those delicious Lithuanian apples.

One of several guard dogs.

Stasys' house.
The skillion around the A-frame was full of tomatoes.
Kinda like living inside a green house.
Up top was the bedroom

Inside another bee shed.

Jovydas, Jonas, Vidmandas and Stasys.

We brought along more food than we could eat,
and almost more vodkas than we could drink.
Smoked bacon fat, fresh tomatoes,
country cheese, smoked flounder, vodka, wasabi peas....

One of the sheds was being used for storing frames that he had extracted.

His work room.
strainers, containers, the drum is his spinner

The work room, from the outside.
Note the funnel on the window, designed to let the bees OUT only.

One of his older sheds, when he used to put shapes over the hives, for the bees to recognise their home.

O couple of his display hives, both working.
The log looking one had a removable back, full of pale wild combs and tons of bees

The log hive, with his house in the background.

His solar wax-extracter.

The sauna.

Not Stasys' best angle. Edivinas on the right.

That's more like it.

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