2010-09-15 Petras Dabrisius, Beekeeper, Shaman, Wolf.

Petras Dabrisius runs a kind of animal reserve, just outside of Siauliai, Lithuania, where he keeps endangered native animals in very large enclosures (several hectares). He also keeps bees.

One of his wolves....

Mushroom season. Don't eat these ones, 'musmires'

A Lynx, native to Lithuania, but very rare.

Goats among the beehives

He says he has collected old bee hives from all over Lithuania, some of these are a hundred years old...

Most have double doors, I was told that they were seperate summer and winter entrances.

This is a working hive, you can see in the photo below some timid lithuanian bees....

The roof of one ot the buildings is chock full of frames, the smell in this room was incredible. we slept up here.

Fox pelts along the wall....

This is the place with the frames in the roof, where we stayed.


Baravykas, the king of mushrooms.
We went mushrooming, and filled up a basked with these guys.

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