2014 05 11 Alphington checkup

This was a gorgeous weekend, late autumn, probably the last chance to check before winter...?

Alphington bees, on the slope. Idyllic location. The only disadvantage this place has is that I think in winter it is very damp here. South facing slope, 10 metres from a large billabong, in the shade of a big willow.
Amazing location. The bird-life down there is incredible.

3 boxes each, I took them down to 2 each
There's a tan-coloured hive on the left too, not mine.
I snuck a look in a few months ago, it is welded solid, very full.

Looked a bit weak, very little honey, little brood, nowhere near the population as mid-summer.
Looks like they need  a feed before winter.

A little stronger, but also smaller.

I took each of these down to 2 boxes, should have done it a lot earlier. Heating bills are enormous when you have empty rooms to heat.

Some decent brood in a couple of frames

2014 02 23 Spinning Room

About 30 litres from the bees this year, basically 2 full boxes each from the wetlands hives, 
and just a few frames from Dads place.
I think Andrius has some pix of the harvesting.

Uncapping knife.
it was designed to be steam - powered, but I just dunk it a hot urn to heat it up.

Filter. Slow. 
drip, drip, drip....

The uncapping tub with rough filter

Melted down all the wax , rough filtered but still lots of gunk in it.
Another time.

2014 2 20 Taggerty harvest

Weekend at Adrians family farm in Buxton, we had a chance to check the Taggerty bees while I was up there

Dash snacks on a skull. 
As you do.

A couple of years and he wont have to buy beer anymore...
Cathedral Range in the background.

Grape leaf

Not sure why this pic of the Northcote Kitchen is here.
No photos of Taggerty bees, but we got 3 frames out of one of the boxes and spun it that night.

Trouble and Dasher go nuts

Dam good

Adrian, Bob, Tim , James, Charlotte
Evening spin class.

Adrian, James, Charlotte
Bottling the next morning