2014 05 11 Alphington checkup

This was a gorgeous weekend, late autumn, probably the last chance to check before winter...?

Alphington bees, on the slope. Idyllic location. The only disadvantage this place has is that I think in winter it is very damp here. South facing slope, 10 metres from a large billabong, in the shade of a big willow.
Amazing location. The bird-life down there is incredible.

3 boxes each, I took them down to 2 each
There's a tan-coloured hive on the left too, not mine.
I snuck a look in a few months ago, it is welded solid, very full.

Looked a bit weak, very little honey, little brood, nowhere near the population as mid-summer.
Looks like they need  a feed before winter.

A little stronger, but also smaller.

I took each of these down to 2 boxes, should have done it a lot earlier. Heating bills are enormous when you have empty rooms to heat.

Some decent brood in a couple of frames

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