2009-12-28 Someone else's bees

This is someone's place near Taggerty, the property had a huge cherry orchard on it, and this bee hive was apparently abandoned, in a wattle grove nearby. Apparently they had been sitting there untouched for 6 months or so. The box was full to capacity.  We opened up the box, had a look, scraped off all the burr comb on top (and kept it - very tangy honey), and left it there. Someone else already had dibs on it.

This is the first time we tried out the gear, as we hadn't even opened up our own hive at this stage.
First time lighting the smoker. Probably a bit over the top with the gloves. but no-one was stung, so all good.

Loads of burr comb. We took this and got the honey out of it.

we were sorely tempted to grab a frame or two of this honey. Looked magnificent.

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