below  is a link to a vid that includes an opinion that city honey is better than country honey, sounds like a city beekeeper hyping up their own work to me, but in any case, an interesting look at urban beekeeping. The situation they are talking about is keeping bees in an urban setting, New York, New Yoik, somewhere near the docks??.

(they mention they get $40 per pound for this honey, Incredible!)

The premise is that in the city, most trees are ornamental, therefore don't have as many pesticides and fungicides inflicted on our  little bee friends.

I gotta say, here in lush Northcote, Melbourne, Australia,  my girls have no problems finding nectar and pollen, the surrounding area is full of backyards  full of flowers, trees (native and foreign), and growies of all varieties (other than tropical plants...), at least at this time of year. Herbicides and pesticides - I'd say there is probably a greater concentration of this type of thing than out in the countryside. Not sure, just guessing. I think about some of the stuff in my shed, tomato spray, rose spray.... i have no idea what else, but there are plenty of people who use 'roundup' around here, (glyphosate) and who knows, maybe even the nicotinoid treatments  that they say are a cause of CCD (colony collapse disorder) in the U.S.

Anyway, make up your own mind.
It's a good look at some top- bar hives too.

Heres the link to the video, with an unfortunate Advertisement you have to sit through first...


and here's a few screen grabs....

(hey, how come these cool guys are in New York wear the same daggy gear as us...?)

(some hive painting tips here...)

(brave New Yoekers getting up close and personal...)

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