2011-12-16 From compost bin to country side: the story of how Katrina's swarm became Albina's hive (guest blogger: Jazmina)

Jonas makes sure Albina gets started on the right path to successful beekeeping
The starter pack includes a super with frames, queen excluder, beekeeping suit (on loan), hand illustrated notes (which Albina is so impressed with she plans to frame them) and the obligatory tube of Stingose
One of the city girls farewells Katrina's swarm as they exchange their inner urban lodgings....

...for the rolling hills and wide open spaces of  St Helier (Albina's house is the red speck among  the trees)

Jazmina's Bee Delivery Service, unloading Katrina's swarm from the XM coupe. Late at night after all the girls had gone to bed, I (Jazmina) stuffed an old tee shirt into the hive door, then taped it securely in place with packaging tape. First thing the following morning I loaded the girls into the back seat and set off for the country. My trusty assistant, Trouble, sat up front with me.

Following Jonas' comprehensive instructions, Albina makes sure the hive has the correct forward slope in its new home. You may remember Albina (my mum) from an earlier blog. She helped Jonas out with a Metropolis bee check about a year ago.

Unleashing the bees, who entered the hive for the last time as Katrina's swarm...
...and emerge for the first time as Albina's hive. Very relaxed, all things considered.

View of the girls' new back yard...
...and their new front yard
Trouble performs a security check of the girls' new  surrounds and gives the all clear
A country cousin hard at work

The neighbours come over to welcome the girls...

...and enjoy a morning tea of pears and carrots

The girls' new workplace. Let's see if they can increase productivity.
Krupnikas, the Barnevelder who has also made the journey from Northcote to St Helier. He began his life as a chick called Honolulu in the inner city but once his testosterone (and crowing) manifested itself  the search began for a rooster-friendly home. He had a short stint at Nada's place in Castlemaine, where he was renamed Lou...and brutalised by the four resident roosters, before Albina offered him sanctuary on her block. He is doing splendidly, and so far has managed to evade the fox (unlike the rest of the flock...)

The new beekeeper's residence (i.e. Albina's house)
Albina checks on the girls at the end of the day. They seem to have settled in nicely. Job done!  Guest blogger Jazmina signing off. 

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