2011-12-10 Northcote check

A quick look into the Northcote hives to see what has gone on since the harvest 2 weeks ago.
Turns out, not much.

 The "other" first, this one still had brood up in the top, I had moved the queen down 2 weeks ago, and these had still had not hatched. 24 days is the time it takes them to hatch from being laid (maximum, for drones, workers more like 21), so this brood should all be hatched in the next 10 days
 Middle box, maybe quarter full.

 Down in the bottom box, lots of brood...
 ...and grubs, so the queen is down there and has been busy.
Over to metropolis.
I reckon this particular frame looks exactly the same every time I open it up.
 Patchy brood,
 ...but grubs and so on.
 A drone is born.
Too many drones in here for my liking.
 Lots of little dangly burr comb on the bottom frames, too.
 A frame with lots of drone brood. Not a good sign.
Overall, it seems The other is sorting itself out , while Metropolis is not really moving, just lots of drones and not much honey. probably should re-queen, but this is peak honey collection time, and re-queening will disrupt everything for a while. Still, probably worth doing, as I'm not going to get any honey out of it at this rate.

Thankfully, the girls were very peaceful this time, almost serene after the carnage and chaos of 2 weeks ago.

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