2011-03-31 her Majesty arrives in Metropolis

The new queen for Metropolis arrived on my desk at work on Thursday, after ordering them Monday.
All the way from Queensland, from Ross Wood.

 Neat timber package, the size of a matchbox.....

 ...which came in a express post bag, which came in a huge box.
One queen and 5 escorts to keep her company for the trip.

Here above you can see the candy plug that the bees will chew through over the next few days.
When she first arrives, the bees want to kill this new unfamiliar queen, but by the time they have got through all that candy, they are familiar with her pheromones, and want to put her to work laying eggs.

Her new home.

Time to make friends...

That'll be their third queen in a year, hope this one works out.
It would be easier if I knew what went wrong last time I guess.
I'm just hoping that this time all goes well.

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