2011-03-28 Baghdad - business as usual

A quick check through Baghdad, I'm a bit spooked after finding Metropolis queenless....

 Top box is as before,  some capped honey in the middle, almost nothing at the sides
It's been there ever since I added the second
 box and lifted 2 full frames up above the excluder.
 Edis, still waiting for the rent.
He got stung later on, as I was leaving, a bee had gone up his sleeve. Ouch.
 Honey in the middle of the top box
Brood from the lower brood box. Lots of brood throughout the whole bottom box.

All OK.     Phew.

I should probably think about reducing it down to a single box for winter,
but this means getting rid of either capped brood, or some honey.

I think I'll leave it for the moment.

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