2011-04-11 Local Bees

 Some bugs I saw walking the dog this morning near All Nations Park, Northcote...

Only a couple of trees were flowering in the park, a red banksia and some sort of gum,
they were both going nuts with bees... I guess there is not much to choose from when the colder weather is coming on, so it's all in...
 ..and a few European Wasps
(Vespula germanica ; European Wasp)
Big brown Hairy  bee
 (Apis Mellifera; European Honey-bee)
 sucking down some nectar
 Another bloody wasp..
(the wasp / bee ratio was about 10%)
 A very yellow example of a European Honey-bee, and the whole tree was full of them.
I've never seen one this yellow.
Someone around these parts has a hive of these yellow bees...

I'm really hoping to see a Blue-Banded bee one day, they are a native bee, with bluish irridescent bands, are solitary, and live underground. Apparently they are around in Victoria, but much more common in warmer parts. Pretty sure I've never seen one, but I've never really paid attention, either.

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