2013 - 04 - 07 Alphington - last check before winter.

Simon gave me a hand today checking the bees, he took all the photos, except for this first.
He wore button fly jeans, so was understandably a bit concerned...

First down to the billabong, the morning was beautiful and warm, but now it had started to drizzle on and off, in a very humid way, we had to do this quick....
OTHER was doing well, we even scraped some honey out for Simon to sample, but METROPOLIS was going slow, in terms of collecting nectar for winter. Should be OK though, probably a couple of frames total in there, and sundry nectar all over the place. Strong-ish hives, both. Good number of bees and brood, just a few drones here and there, didn't spot the queens at all, but we only checked about every second frame. No disease, a little mould in one corner of a frame. Increased ventilation a little, some sticks under the lid to lift it up a little. Winter coming, so this might the last check for a while.

 Over at dads at the other end of Alphington, all was well with BAGHDAD. Top box was filling up, quite heavy, but nothing worth harvesting, no full frames. Good for winter.

No stings.

In Other News....

Recently, (last weekend) I went up and checked Albina's hive in St. Hellier as well, we scraped a few litres out to give her something to put on her toast over winter, and the bees seem to be doing well, filling up the 3 boxes, drone numbers have thinned out, no sign of disease. Did'nt see the queen, but all good for grubs and brood. No photos.

Sting Tally:This season: 38 so far (Jonas 16, Edis 6, Rima 5, Jazmina 6, Dave 5)

2011/2012 season: 48 (Jonas 30 Adrian 1 Edis 6 Jazmina 10 Rima 1)
2010 / 2011 season: Heaps
Honey Tally:This season: 52 litres so far.
2011/2012 season: 49 Litres
2010 / 2011 season: 34  Litres
That's about 1 sting per Litre.

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