2013 - 03 - 03 Bee check with Adrian up in Taggery

Taggerty is up the Maroondah Highway, about 20 minutes past Adrians place in Buxton.
We dont get up there as often as we'd like, and the bees are having a bit of a tough time up there, I think.

In the photo below, going right to left, you have Mt. cathedral, then the lump is Little Cathedral, and to the left of that, obscured by the cypress tree in the foreground, is roughly where these bees are. Roughly.

Smokin em down

 Adrian does not muck around with safety, when it comes to bees.

 brood and grubs

multi-coloured pollen stores for the kids.

 The back of the ute.
We replaced one of the boxes, as it was completely knackered from sitting straight on the ground, pretty much. Got it up on an old pallet this time.

 Trouble keeps an eye on the road on the way home. He stayed in the car.

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