2011 - 10 - 08 Kate's swarm

Kate lives over the raod, and told us that a swarm had landed in her back yard. Jazmina also reported one leaving our yard  (was it the Other hive? not sure...) Anyway, I went over to go get it, second swarm capure in a week.

 They were in a compost bin, behind the chook shed. They had been there about a day, had looked like they were going to swarm again, but settled back in the bin.
 The bin was full of little vent holes, perfect for bees to get in .
 Inside, they were hanging in a kind of curtain around the inside rim. No comb yet, and luckily only a few amongst the compost itself...
 I literally scooped them onto a box I'd just painted an hour earlier (sorry about the 'new paint smell' , girls, but hey, I'm making it all clean and nice for you....)
 Smoking  'em down between the frames. I didn't se the queen, and loads of the bees were constantly flying back to the compost bin, but I was kinda making progress. At one stage I reckon I had about 80% in the box at one time, so hopefully I got the queen at some stage. Where the queen is, the rest follow.
 A couple of bees taking a break while their queen is re-housed
Kate took the photos, thanks!
I put the lid on the new box, and slowly the rest of the bees seemed to gravitate towards the box.
I checked a day later, and the bees were still in there, so they have settled in, I hope .This one I think will go to Adrian in Mount Evelyn.

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