2011 - 10 - 02 Queen of Baghdad Exposed!

Over in Alphington, I popped in to check on Dads bees while he was away in Lithuania..

One of the top side frames, only a couple of of frames that were not fully drawn.
Lots of honey, and nectar int the top.
I'd left the queen excluder in on this one, over winter.

 A couple of frames were kinda wedged apart, the girls had industriously filled in the voids...

 Scraping comb off the queen excluder..
 Thanks for helping, Rima! Ace photos.
 Down in the bottom box.... Lots of brood. And stray bits hanging off the bottom..

 And lots of honey...

 more honey....
... and,  I didn't see her at the time, but looking through these photos now, I can present to you....
 ...Her Majesty, the Queen !
  I seemed to have picked up a few passengers on the way, these girls were more inquisative than usual, I think I need to wash that bee-suit...I can see how I sometimes get bees in the suit, they just sit there until I hitch up the suit over  a few bees, and they are in...
 I actually had no idea these girls were sitting there. 
After the inspection, back to normal.
In summary, a healthy hive, not full yet, but time to chuck on another box before they get crowded, I reckon.
No sign of disease, I saw one small cockroach in there.
Heaps of pollen,  honey (only one frame truly harvestable at this time), brood, grubs, queen is there, no swarm cells...all good.

Small sting on my finger, right through the leather glove. This girl was determined to punish me.

++++++++++++++ ooooooooooooo ++++++++++++++
Jonas : 7 (5 this season)
Adrian : 0
Edis : 1
++++++++++++++ ooooooooooooo ++++++++++++++

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