2011-02-03 Regicide thwarted in Baghdad

I was requeening metropolis anyway, so I decided to do Baghdad as well.
It was a feral swarm that we'd gotten from the bee wrangler earlier, in October 2010.
Nothing wrong with their productivity, they were blazing away, but I thought I might as well re-queen this one as well, while I was in the mood.

Silly, really.

 Rima gave me a hand this time.

 One of the frames from the top box. Filling up!

 Really good looking brood, too.
As we were going through the bottom box, looking for the queen, a sudden down-pour of rain came out of nowhere. It was 25 degrees or so, and had been muggy all day, suddenly big fat drops of rain started splatting all over the opened-up brood chamber. Time to shut it down.
We packed up quickly.
A stay of execution for the queen.
Probably a good thing, anyway.

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