2014 08 23 Winter checkup - mould attack!

So it's still officially winter for another week, but today was a mild 20-ish and sunny, so I rode my treadlie over to visit, i was worried they may not have survived, but they are Ok, if a bit soggy...
Metropolis and Other, by the billabong


Under the hood, lots of mould and water in the top box only. Top box in all of them were mostly empty, so I'll replace these frames next time .

 A lot healthier down below, but no capped honey, just some nectar and a very weak population.


once again mouldy top box, but bottom box full and healthy, brood, grubs, honey etc.


 Good brood
 Good view


Over at Dad's place
 Still a bit of sugar left from when I fed them 3 months ago
 Some mould, but capped honey too..
 Doing just allright down in the engine room

No stings, all very docile

Sting Tally:This season: nil
2013 / 2014 3
2012 / 2013 38 (Jonas 16, Edis 6, Rima 5, Jazmina 6, Dave 5)
2011/2012 season: 48 (Jonas 30 Adrian 1 Edis 6 Jazmina 10 Rima 1)
2010 / 2011 season: Heaps
Honey Tally:This season: NIL so far.
2013 / 2014 30 litres
2012 / 2013 52 litres
2011/2012 season: 49 Litres
2010 / 2011 season: 34  Litres
That's about 1 sting per Litre.

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