2012-12-09 The craft side of beekeeping

One thing I hadn't really bargained for when I got into this game, is all the "craft" that goes with beekeeping.

  • Assembling boxes, nailing frames , fixing the foundation, etc.
  • Making labels for jars.
  • Washing jars.
  • Getting those bloody labels off.
  • Eating lots of pickled cukes, because the jars are the right size for honey.

So I needed some extra boxes (one for Albina, and one my boxes here has got a rot-hole in it, that the girls are using as an extra door)
Also frames, about 20 of them. A tedious job, but worth getting right.

I guess you can get all this stuff ready-made, but the cost is prohibitive.
Even if you assemble yourself, its around $60 per super, without any top or bottom.
(25 for the super, 15 for the frames, another 15 or so for foundation, plus wire, paint, nails, etc.)

Each triple decker owes us around $200, I reckon, just in materials.

There are cheaper places, but it depends on how far you want to travel. I've got a bee shop in Brunswick I go to. Exy, but close, I ride my bike.

  Frame assembly line
the shed.

In other breaking news, a neighbour from over the back fence came around and told me bees were attacking his kids, and he was afraid to go outside.
 i tried to calm him down, but it didn't work.
Even though I'm entitled to keep my bees here, am a registered beekeeper, and am following all the rules about setbacks from fences, etc, I'm looking at moving Metropolis and Other. 
It ain't gonna be easy to move triple decker hives full of honey.
I've found a place, an old friend of Adrians has a place not far away, but its not locked in yet. Stay tuned.

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