2012 09 01 Balinese bees

Took a short break to Bali last week, fantastic place. First time there, I had no idea it was so beautiful and relaxed.

Saw quite a few bees, and a couple of blue banded bees, (which also appear in the warmer parts of Australia).

Apparently people keep bees here at the top of trees, but we didn't see any such hives. Honey is very expensive, even for non tourists, I think. Apparently most honey sold there is diluted by 50% or more. 

I tried to find some of their honey over there, and got some from a coffee plantation shop, out on the country. Delicious, very floral and runny. Trouble was, when we landed in Perth the customs people took it away from me. They don't have European foul-brood in West Australia, so they don't let any foreign honey in. Pissed me off at the time (it was hard to get, and expensive!), but fair enough.
I've brought honey in direct to Melbourne from Europe, declared it, no probs, but they are tougher over in W.A.

I guess no Indonesian  honey for my reference library, just some brochures. 

So, this blog post is really boring.... here's a photo of my friend the monkey.

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