2010 11 21 Metropolis Inspection

I'd had a disastrous bee inspection the week before where:
- I had bees get into the suit. One crawled around on the inside of the visor thing for 10 minutes. It waited until I was getting off the suit to sting me.
- I had a bee crawl up my leg, but I shook her out.
- The smoker went out, had to keep lighting it.
- I couldn't find the queen.
- Lots of panicky moments where they were attacking a gap above my glove, at the wrist. I did the mad bee dance to get them off.
- I moved the queen excluder down, but didn't know which side of it she was.
- I got stung 3 times, once just behind my ear.

....so this time Adrian came around to give me a hand.
A fair bit of honey, but not quite enough to take away and extract.
In three weeks since the top box was added, they had drawn all the comb, filled it with nectar, and even a few frames half-full of honey.

Adrian in action. nice suit.....for a KKK rally....

The girls. I tried to get a photo of the queen, but she's shy.

One of the combs from the bottom box. We spotted the eggs, so we knew the queen was in here somewhere...

The girls, amongst some cells with nectar.

We spotted the queen on the second pass. Reassuring.

Lots of frayed wing-tips on these girls.

The queen excluder. There is still a lot of brood in the second box, but in theory they will hatch, then eggs will only be laid in the bottom box, the other two will fill with honey....?

Trouble keeps an eye on things from a safe distance.

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