2013-08-10 Spring is in the air

This is one of those days where you feel that spring is around the corner, 18 degrees, sunny, I took the chance to look in on the girls, they've been left alone all winter, playing canasta and doing a bit of filing.
I was a little apprehensive about what I might find, but all was well, a little mould in the top of them, but all healthy.

Alphington Wetlands:

 Metropolis and Other, I had to do a bit of clearing the weeds around.
These were re-queened in January, the bees were docile now, and a very light yellow, beautiful.
Massive condensation at the top box, some of the frames might need replacing.
 Mmmmm green....
This should all come good as the weather warms up, no major damage.
I recall this happened previous winters too, maybe not so full-on.

Top box was empty, middle had a little nectar, bottom had loads of brood and was fairly dry and healthy.
Didn't see the queen. Saw a couple of roaches up top.
I should have taken it down to 2 boxes over winter, I guess, but then you have to put in new foundation, as the ones you take out will get moth-eaten. Might keep it dryer, though.

THis one also had massive condensation, also for some reason there was loads of capped honey in the top box, middle box was empty, loads of good brrod in the bottom.

Much like Metropolis. Condensation, some honey, all healthy

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